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Representative direcrtor Masaki Hasegawa

Representative Director of TOKI Aviation Capital
Representative Director of TOKI AIR co.,ltd
Niigata Airport activation examination adviser
(received a commission
from Niigata Prefectual Office)

  • 1967 Born in Niigata Prefecture
  • After joining Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.(JAL),worked for Niigata Prefectural Government,Jetstar Japan Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
  • At Japan Airlines, he was involved in formulating a pilot plan and recruitment based on the equipment introduction plan,formulating a training plan, etc., as well as improving airport operations and developing airport facilities.Learn Japanese fullservice aviation (FSC) business.
  • At the Niigata Prefectural Office, he was engaged in port promotion at the Transportation Policy Bureau, and was in charge of container ships and passenger ships.Contributed to the expansion of use of Niigata Port during the Great East Japan Earthquake.
  • At Jetstar Japan, as a general manager during the founding period, worked in the business strategy department, pilot and cabin crew management system design and airport development departments. Learn the foreign-owned low-cost aviation (LCC) business.
  • At Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, he is in charge of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation.As a director, he supervises necessary training for airlines operating aircraft.He is responsible for coordinating with the authorities of Europe (EASA) and the United States (FAA) as well as the Japanese authorities (JCAB).Learn about aircraft manufacturer business.
  • Through experience in domestic and foreign-affiliated airlines and aircraft manufacturers, we propose optimal solutions that combine the advantages of foreign-affiliated and Japanese companies.He has abundant experience in coordinating deregulation, etc., utilizing his public and private business experience.

Chairperson Yoko Sakaguchi

  • In graduate school, research on "Kansai International Airport North America Route Maintenance and Development Measures".
  • Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong) flight attendant,Pan American Airlines (US) Grand Staff,United Airlines (US) Kansai International Airport Branch Manager, Airline Operating Council (AOC) Chairman at the airport for 9 years.
  • She has also served on the education and research committees of national and prefectural universities. Many media coverage such as lectures and TV.Authored "The World of Airport Grand Staff Who Can Be Lovely You" (Icarus Publishing).
  • Experienced all non-pilot roles in the aviation industry, familiar with on-site as well as administrative duties.

Airline Business
Operation Office
Toshikazu Tahara

  • After working at Air Nippon, Skymark Airlines,Star Flyer, Jet Star Japan, and AirAsia Japan.
  • Launch of an airline company, mainly license (AOC).Experienced, acquired the license (AOC) generalized for the actual trial.
  • Air Nippon Fukuoka Airport Line, Haneda Airport arrives at Haneda Airport YS11, B3,A320 battle manager.
  • Received the latest AirAsia Anime President,Business Development Manager, CEO Secretariat Approval, International AOC Approval, Online AOC Approval, etc.