TOKI Aviation Capital Co., Ltd (TOKI) partners with ASIA PACIFIC AVIATION SERVICES LIMITED (APAS).|お知らせ|トキエア


Subject: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Tokyo, April 11th of 2023 TOKI and APAS announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will assist each party to create and expand the business opportunities for both sides between Japan and Taiwan, to create achievement of mutual benefits and to enhance mutual understanding specially to create a solid foundation in aviation industry. Both Parties shall carry out cooperation activities related to connecting the aviation industries in different forms.

“Masaki Hasegawa TOKI CEO,” said “We are very happy to have APAS as a partner for future business in Japan, I expect this project take-off in the close future. APAS is a consolidated company in Taiwan supporting the worldwide Airlines properly following the Authorities requirements.”

“Rocha Chen APAS General Managing Director,” said “I am very pleased with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between APAS and TOKI. This MOU commits APAS and TOKI to work together closely to achieve each other’s business-expanding goals. With more than 12-year pilot recruiting and supporting experience, APAS is not only specialized in talent management but also has been forming a strong aviation network with global aviation-related enterprises, especially in Taiwan. We believe providing human resource management solutions on both side market between Taiwan and Japan will lead APAS and TOKI to a new era in the aviation market.

It’s our pleasure to introduce TOKI to our aviation friends and partners here while they visited Taiwan early of March this year. With APAS aviation network in Taiwan, TOKI visited several aviation service providers and exchanging aviation experiences, seeking or establishing the cooperation opportunities.

Bringing the people together with cross-culture experiences exchanging and to create a great value to the aviation market together is APAS’s mission.”

About TOKI Aviation Capital Co., Ltd., To provide the optimal management solutions for the Japanese Aviation, aiming to revitalize the regions through an enhanced network of regional airlines and airports. Our support for airlines includes essential resource starting with Pilots and consistent manuals; we can either dispatch our resource or introduce talents for hire. ASIA PACIFIC AVIATION SERVICES LIMITED, Asia Pacific Aviation Services Limited (APAS) has been dedicated to connecting professional pilots with the most desirable airlines in Asia-Pacific Region since 2010. With more than 12 years of pilot recruiting and supporting experience, APAS has been forming an aviation network with global aviation-related enterprises.


Maintaining excellent and sustainable relationships between aviation enterprises and talents is APAS’s core value. APAS will provide talent management solutions including analyzing the problems of manpower shortage, providing an effective and efficient manpower recruitment process, finding the right talents to fill gaps, helping coach them, and in general making their jobs run as smoothly as possible within a short period before on board. The total solution is to create greater value for aviation enterprises in Asia.